Fourteen Dolby Surround" encoded music tracks to suit every taste, presented as high-quality variable bit rate MPEG Layer-III files.

     Have you ever been disappointed by the quality of MP3 files downloaded from sites such as and If so, its because virtually all the files on offer have been encoded at 128kb/s, or worse still, 112kb/s, data rates that compromise many areas of performance, channel separation and high-frequency response for example.

     One solution is to encode MP3 so that the audio is delivered at a higher data rate, 192kb/s or even 320kb/s, but while the level of fidelity is increased, so is the resulting file size.

     The MP3 tracks offered here use variable bit rate encoding, abbreviated as VBR. Specifically, theyre VBR100 files. The encoder only uses the amount of data needed to accurately convey the music, so if the content is a simple piano tone, 96kb/s may be used, but then if a whole orchestra joins in, the data rate is greatly increased. VBR100 files can deliver data at as much as 320kb/s or as little as 10kb/s.

     The advantage is that file sizes are kept to a minimum (although they are a little larger than fixed 128kb/s files) but audio quality remains paramount. The files here are also forced stereo, meaning that the two channels (left and right) remain independent throughout, essential for accurate Dolby Surround decoding.

To listen to these files you'll need a free player, SMR Home Theatre recommends WinAMP.
All files are matrix encoded two-channel stereo which can be routed through a Dolby Pro-logic" decoder.

All music composed by Paul Farrer

Average Data Rate Track Title File Size Duration
VBR MP3 - 139kb/s Wide Screen Dreams 4,468Kb 4mins 42sec.
VBR MP3 - 136kb/s Lady Of The Lake 3,919Kb 3mins 54sec.
VBR MP3 - 122kb/s Dumb Sugar Plum 2,558Kb 2mins 52sec.
VBR MP3 - 145kb/s Epic Impact 4,667Kb 4mins 22sec.
VBR MP3 - 146kb/s Shifting Sands 4,583Kb 3mins 28sec.
VBR MP3 - 167kb/s English Rose 3,517Kb 3mins 43sec.
VBR MP3 - 125kb/s Graceful Blades 4,930Kb 5mins 20sec.
VBR MP3 - 120kb/s Andante 3,958Kb 4mins 29sec.
VBR MP3 - 189kb/s Welcome To Tokyo 4,730Kb 3mins 24sec.
VBR MP3 - 185kb/s Dial A Lama 6,544Kb 4mins 48sec.
VBR MP3 - 163kb/s Deep Thought 4,726Kb 3mins 56sec.
VBR MP3 - 195kb/s Rave Robbers 5,526Kb 3mins 50sec.
VBR MP3 - 192kb/s The Big Apple 5,281Kb 3mins 44sec.
VBR MP3 - 186kb/s Air Rock 4,973Kb 3mins 37sec.

Download WinAMP to playback and decode MPEG Layer-III files,

     You can create your own CD (Red-book CD-DA) from these files using WinAMP, CD-R writing software such as Adaptecs Easy CD Creator and a CD-R drive. In WinAMP, choose Options, Preferences and then in the Plug-ins, Output section highlight Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in (waveOut is the default).

     The next step is to select Configure and browse to a suitable (empty) folder on your hard-drive, this is where WinAMP will create .WAV versions of the MP3 files.

     Then, simply open and play an MP3 file from the normal WinAMP interface. You wont hear any sound but WinAMP will write to your specified directory a .WAV copy of the file which you can then use to create a Red-book audio CD using your CD-R drive and software (see individual documentation).

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