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Launch Details

25 years of digital audio engineering expertise, psychoacoustic research, and creative thinking have created a new standard for multi-channel audio reproduction. Ambience extraction, concert hall simulators, film surround decoding, digital to analog conversion, digital program equalization, wide bandwidth video switching, multi-room control, multiple 12v accessory triggers; the list is staggering!

Think of the DC-1 as:

A very high quality D/A convertor (Actually, there are 8 inside!)
A Digital Preamp
A Digital Control Center
A Digital program equalizer
A multi channel Digital crossover
A programmable A/V switcher/controller
A THX certified Dolby Digital/DTS/Dolby Surround processor

Digital Preamp/Digital to Analog Converter

As more sources go all digital (CD, LD, DVD, HDTV etc), the ability to process and refine the audio signals in the digital domain becomes crucial. The DC-1 has 4 digital inputs any one of which can be assigned to any (or all!) input selections. The unique new D/A conversion and level control topology provides a level of performance that compares very favorably to exotic stand alone stereo D/A convertors. After 25 years of digital audio engineering and manufacturing literally hundreds of thousands of A/D and D/A converters in professional and home products, we do understand D/A converters!

Even the volume control is unique. A rotary shaft encoder incorporates ballistic sensing. If you turn the control rapidly, the volume is adjusted rapidly. Moving it slowly allows for extremely accurate 1dB increments, tracking all 8 output channels at better then 1/10th of 1dB!

A Digital Control Center

The eight analog inputs can be configured with any digital and any video input. In addition to analog audio, video and digital audio selection, each input can be programmed to load any operating mode automatically and to enable a 12v trigger for control of external devices like TVs, projection screens, drapes or lighting controllers. The direct IR input makes remote control easy and reliable. Any input can also be set up as a tape monitor, or blocked from the second zone output. Both the On Screen display and the front panel LCD are fully adjustable. The video circuitry is very wide bandwidth/low noise with elegant, intuitive On Screen menus.

Remote Control

The finest performance in the world is useless if its inaccessible. . The DC-1 remote controls clean ergonomic design is as intuitive as it is attractive. Day to day operation is incredibly easy, and advanced functions are easily accessible via the simple menu structure and controls as well as special hidden codes for automation. Even the record and 2nd zone controls are right at hand.


Do you want THX? Dolby Digital? DTS? Do you want surround dipoles or direct radiating speakers? How about both? Are your speakers full range or do you have separate subs? No Problem!

The DC-1 is incredibly flexible. A huge variety of speaker number and types have been provided for. Configurable digital crossovers are provided for all outputs.

There are four versions of the DC-1.

The top of the line DC-1 now incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and THX processing.

The Dolby Digital/THX version includes sophisticated digital program EQ including a spectral balance control (sometimes referred to as a tilt control), intelligent dynamic loudness compensation, individual channel time alignment, late night compression (for ALL sources, not just Dolby Digital), and an incredible new patented 7 channel surround mode with Smart Steering called Logic 7.

Dolby Digital only Effects:

Dolby Digital

An effect which decodes Dolby AC-3 encoded soundtracks. Unlike analog Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital utilizes 5 discrete full range channels and a sixth dedicated Low Frequency Effect (LFE) channel.

THX 5.1

This mode provides LucasArts Home THX Cinema enhancements to film soundtracks recorded in the Dolby Digital format.

5.1 Logic 7

Optimizes Dolby Digital sound when played in systems with both side and rear speakers. The timing and equalization of Left Surround and Right Surround information is different for side and rear channels to provide a more theatrical presentation of Dolby Digital film soundtracks.

5.1 Music

This mode enhances playback of Dolby Digital music recordings, or Dolby Digital film soundtracks with strong musical content.

5.1 Two Channel

Mixes Dolby Digital 5.1 information for 2-channel playback. These soundtracks can be recorded onto 2-channel formats or played back through left and right front speakers.

Dolby Digital DC-1 Enhancements:


Found in the Equalization Menu, Tilt EQ can be pictured as a straight line that pivots on a fulcrum centered at 1kHz. This allows compensation of overall tonal balance in audio source material. Useful on many classic recordings, or if proper tonality cannot be achieved using the Bass and Treble controls.

Dialog Enhance

A parameter found in the Logic 7, Dolby Digital and 5.1 Logic 7 effects menus. Increases intelligibility of film soundtracks by boosting and re-equalizing only the dialog component of the center channel. It does not simply raise the entire center channel level, as this would alter the balance achieved during output level calibration. Allows for clear presentation off dialog while listening at comfortable acoustic levels.


Controls dynamic range of Dolby Digital material when listening at lower volume levels. When engaged, this circuit limits peak signals and boosts low-level signals when volume is lowered. The amount of compression increases as the volume setting is lowered. This parameter is quite useful for listening to dynamic Dolby Digital soundtracks when lower listening levels are required.

Sub-woofer Peak Limiter

Found in the Output Levels Menu, this selection limits the maximum output level of the subwoofer output. Many movie and music programs contain prodigious amounts of bass. Most Dolby Digital soundtracks utilize a separate Low Frequency Effects channel for emphasis of special effects with low frequency information. By limiting bass peaks from different program sources, subwoofer performance can be optimized while eliminating potential damage to sub-woofers due to variances in source material.

Time Alignment

Electronically aligns all loudspeakers in a system. By applying individual delays to each speaker, time alignment ensures accurate arrival times at the listening position. During installation the measured path length to each speaker is entered into the DC-1 (in feet or meters) and the DC-1 calculates the delays for each channel automatically.

A/V Sync Delay

Compensates for the delay that can occur when a video enhancing processor, such as a line doubler, is being utilized with the DC-1. Most of these processors delay the video signal as it passes through, and consequently alter the original sound/picture timing relationship. The result can be sound which arrives slightly ahead of the picture. By using a corresponding time delay on all audio signals, the original sound/picture timing relationship can be restored.

LFE Mix Level

A selection under the Dolby Digital Effect Menus, it permits attenuation of the Low Frequency Effect level on a Dolby Digital soundtrack. This allows a proper mix of the LFE and bass from all other channels to be sent to the subwoofer output.

There are a host of other tweaks and additions, and the list is subject to change.

The first unit to be shipped was the THX version which includes our patented stereo surround decoding, stereo ambience extraction, digital bass and treble controls as well as properly calibrated loudness compensation and selectable digital crossovers.

The base model includes Lexicons patented digital implementation of Dolby Pro-Logic including our Auto Azimuth Error Correction. There are a wide variety of music and film sound modes to compensate for differing recording techniques, differing recording venues and differing music styles.

A few random notes

If you choose the base model, it can be upgraded to include all of the features of the model with THX. And of course the THX enhanced version can be upgraded to incorporate all the advanced features found in the Dolby Digital version. A further step introduces DTS processing.

The Dolby Digital adaptability is handled through an internal card plugged into a gold plated SIMM type socket on our digital discrete buss. The buss is designed to accommodate other proposed digital discrete systems should they come to market.

Although Lexicon is very proud of its Firsts - (first digital audio processor, first digital Pro-Logic processor, first digital THX processor), we certainly dont mind not being first on the market with a Dolby Digital decoder. Until September 1995, it was not possible to even begin listening to production Dolby Digtal laser discs (then known as Dolby AC-3) played back through production players and demodulators. We feel we would be cheating ourselves and our customers to not take the time to actually LISTEN to this stuff before we start shipping product. And news on the DVD front is breaking every day. Our products are expensive. Our decision to honor our customers investments in our products by offering them a very generous trade in program to accommodate the new format is expensive for us. We hope you will understand our desire to get it right the first time rather then rush out products with virtually no real world testing. Thanks for your understanding and patience.



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