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Panamax Triggering

Using the Lexicon MC-1's five-pin DIN socket, a PanaMax Max 1000+ can be configured to control the remainder of a home theatre system. Chris Glanton explains how.

After realizing the numerous inquiries about the proper way to wire up the Panamax Max 1000+ to the Lexicon MC-1's Power Control Port, I thought it would be good to have a formal outline describing exactly how to do this. Before I attempted this myself, I called both Lexicon and Panamax to verify the accuracy of this wiring scheme.

The Lexicon owners manual (DC-1 v2) describes the Power Control Port on page 8. This is the female part of a 5 pin DIN type connection. There it describes this DIN output as a +5VDC, or a +12VDC trigger voltage, that is selectable by removing the DC-1's casing. Luckily, it's defaulted to +12VDC which is exactly the required trigger voltage for the Panamax Max 1000+. No adjustments are required to the MC-1 at all.

Figure 1

1000+ has a "Master Control Sensing Cable" (diagram 3 in your owners manual) that is terminated with a 2 prong AC plug. At first, I thought of cutting it off and directly wiring it to the DIN plug. Don't! After talking with Panamax, they informed me it would negate the entire warranty. Instead, I was told I needed to buy a female AC plug ($2 at Home Depot) that I should wire to 18gz. zip cord. I was told by both companies not to worry about +/- connections of the zip cord to the female AC plug. (See diagram 1 above).

Figure 2

After you've attached the 18gz. zip cord to the female AC plug, terminate the other end of the cord to a DIN type connector. Radio Shack part # 274-003 ($1.89) is a 5 pin male connector. If you look very closely at the plug, it is marked which pin is which number. Solder one end of the zip cord to either plug 1 or 2 (the ground), and the other wire to pin 3. The pins are very small, and even an 18gz wire looks huge in comparison. But carefully solder these two wires to the respective pins. Cover the connector w. the vinyl sheath, insert in the Power Control Port in the rear of the MC-1 and you've finished. (See diagram 2 above).

Chris L. Glanton. 1997


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