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Product Launch Press Release

Lexicon's New DC-1 Digital Surround Processor/Controller Redefines High-End Home Theater

Waltham, MA (June 1996): Drawing on 25 years of experience in designing digital processors for both professional and consumer applications, Lexicon, Inc., introduces the new DC-1 Digital Controller, a modular and upgradeable surround sound processor/system controller for the most advanced home theater and multi-zone entertainment systems.

Buzz Goddard, Lexicon's V.P., of Consumer Products, describes the DC-1 as "the culmination of everything we've learned to date about surround sound processing, digital-to-analog conversion and total system control. We've made the DC-1's technology accessible to the average user and simplified operations especially the remote controller, so that almost anyone can enjoy its benefits. In addition, the DC-1 is upgradeable so that consumers can choose the level of processing they're comfortable with now with no worry of future obsolescence."

The DC-1 is available in three versions: DC-1/Basic, DC-1/THX, and DC-1/AC-3.

Internally, each DC-1 version offers the same high level of audio performance. High-resolution digital signal processing (DSP) for the eight channels is complemented by precision Delta-Sigma digital to analog (D/A) converters. Recognizing that proper implementation is as important as component selection itself, Lexicon's engineering team optimized topology, or the actual layout of the circuits, to the point where the DC-1 produces a level of sound quality rivaling the most exotic stand-alone two channel D/A converters.

As a total system controller, the DC-1 features inputs for 8 analog audio sources, 5 analog video inputs (3 suitable for S-video components), and 4 digital audio inputs (2 coaxial, 2 optical). All inputs are programmable and can be combined in various ways depending on exact system configuration.

Input selection can also trigger specific processing modes so that a consumer, for example, need only choose "Videodisc" to automatically select a specific analog audio input, a particular S-video connection and invoke Dolby Pro Logic processing. In a similar fashion, choosing "CD" might select a digital input and avoid all surround processing altogether.

Two separate 12v "trigger" circuits enhance convenience by allowing remote-controlled power on/off operation, so that other system components (including Lexicon's own new NT series amplifiers) as well as lighting, motorized draperies, etc., may be effectively controlled from the DC-1.

Wide bandwidth video switching, suitable for even S-video signal transfer, increases the DC-1's flexibility. In addition, a complete on-screen menu system makes initial programming easy and guides the user to almost effortless system operation.

In keeping with possible use in multi-zone systems, all DC-1s feature an independently controlled Zone 2 output so that users in remote locations can select a second source and control its volume without affecting the operation of the main system.

The DC-1 Basic features 10 operating modes including digital-domain Dolby Pro Logic processing augmented by Lexicon's patented Auto Azimuth" circuitry. It also benefits from sophisticated ambiance extraction and concert hall simulation in addition to various non-Dolby surround decoding strategies including Mono Logic and TV Matrix. The retail price for the DC-1/Basic is $1,995.

The DC-1/THX adds full digital-domain THX processing including THX Re-Equalization, THX Timbre Matching, and THX Decorrelation to the Basic's capabilities. Three additional operating modes complement THX processing for a total of 13. The THX-specified subwoofer crossover is standard as are stereo surround outputs. The DC-1/THX also adds digital equalization and digitally generated loudness compensation. The DC-1/THX's retail price is $2,995.

The DC-1/AC-3 version reaches the pinnacle of home theater performance with 15 operating modes, including the decoding circuitry for Dolby Laboratories' all-digital fully discrete 6 channel Dolby Surround AC-3 format. Lexicon's vast experience in designing digital circuits shows in the precise and exceptionally dynamic recreation of a theatrical soundfield.

The DC-1/AC-3 also includes spectral balance and dynamic loudness circuits as well as a digital-domain "late night" compressor to allow playback of wide dynamic range sources without disturbing sleeping family members or neighbors. The DC-1/AC-3's retail price is $4,500.

A sophisticated digital discrete buss design assures an easy upgrade path so customers can increase the enjoyment derived from an initial DC-1 purchase with no fear of future obsolescence. Upgrade kits for the DC-1/Basic include THX-only and THX/AC-3 capabilities. The DC-1/THX may also be easily upgraded to full AC-3 potential. This allows home theater enthusiasts to invest in Lexicon excellence at the outset, and build up their system according to their own plan.



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