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Processor Upgrade Paths

Lexicon Announces DC-1 Processor Upgrade Paths

Las Vegas, NV (January 7, 1999), Simultaneous with the introduction of a new flagship surround controller, the MC-1 Music and Cinema processor (see accompanying release), Lexicon today announced a uniquely flexible, four-option upgrade program for owners of its industry-leading predecessor, the widely popular Lexicon DC-1. According to VP of Consumer Products Buzz Goddard, the firm's affordable, staged upgrades were part of the companys consumer product philosophy. "Lexicon has incorporated upgradeability as a cornerstone of our design concept starting over a decade ago with the CP-1," says Goddard. "Our customers have proven intensely loyal to Lexicon-quality surround, and we're acutely aware of just how valuable this relationship is. We remain committed to maintaining our leadership position in state-of-the-art surround technology, as well as providing practical, accessible upgrades to our existing owners."

Lexicon is providing four upgrade options for owners of DC and CP series processors located in North America. Upgrade options in other countries will vary by country and will not necessarily be offered outside of North America..

Option 1: A dealer-installable software upgrade, incorporating new modes and functions, will also include a new backlit remote control. Improvements include enhancements of several film and music modes, new crossovers, new low frequency spaciousness enhancements, and the ability to create "virtual" rear speakers.

Projected price: $300. Available: February 1999.

Option 2: The 20 bit D/A convertors of DC-1s can be upgraded to 24 bits. All eight channels of conversion are replaced (recently produced DC-1 may already have these convertors). This must be done at Lexicons factory in Bedford MA.

Projected price: $600. Available: Immediately.

Option 3: Both the software enhancements (Option 1) and the D/A upgrade (Option 2) can be purchased as a package at a discount. (upgrades performed at factory only).

Projected price: $800 Available: February 1999

Option 4: Trade in of an original-condition DC-1 towards the purchase of the MC-1 will also be offered. The trade-in credit amount will depend on the version of the DC-1.

Available: April 1999

Lexicon further notes that trade-in of any original-condition CP-1, CP-2, and CP-3 surround processor towards the purchase of the MC-1, may also be offered at the authorized dealers discretion..

Lexicon, Inc., a Harman International Company, has been producing landmark electronics for both the professional audio and consumer markets for over twenty-five years. Today, Lexicon continues to lead the way with acclaimed professional and consumer audio/video products taking the art and technology of sound reproduction another significant step into the future.



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