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The DC-2 can be thought of as four units in one.  At its heart is a reference-quality 8-channel music and film digital audio computer capable of creating or re-creating a limitless amount of listening environments.  This digital-audio computer is mated to an 8-channel, 24-bit Digital-to-Analog converter that rivals the most exotic and costly stand-alone devices.  To harness all of this digital audio power, the DC-2 also includes a built-in line-level preamplifier with 8 analog audio inputs and 8 digital audio inputs for easy integration with multiple source components.  Since many of these source components are also capable of outputting high quality video signals, the DC-2 includes a high-quality composite and S-video switcher.

Lexicon DC-2

The DC-2 is available in THX, Dolby Digital" (AC-3"), and DTS versions". It is also internally configurable so upgrades can be progressively added to include all the features of the DTS" version. The DC-2 also includes provisions for adding a digital output, a second RS-232 port and 3 expansion ports for future enhancements.  The back panel includes a bare-wire block terminal for the trigger outputs, making it easier to connect them to associated equipment.

The DC-2 is an extremely flexible device that is designed to satisfy the most demanding user, while retaining the simplicity and ease of use that the casual user requires.  To satisfy these often contradictory goals, less used functions are organized into a simple on-screen menu system and placed on "hidden" buttons of the remote control.  For the casual user, using the DC-2 is as simple as pressing an input key and turning the volume up and down.  For the more demanding user, the DC-2 provides adjustments to accommodate virtually any system configuration and to allow for varying recording, mixing, and transmission styles.  A rear -panel IR input and RS-232 port can be used to control the DC-2 with sophisticated automation systems and the remote control includes a discrete set of Record/Zone 2 IR commands for easily controlling the DC-2 from a second room.

With the proliferation of discrete multi-channel audio formats, connoisseurs of film and music are realizing that more than two channels are required to convincingly recreate a musical performance or film soundtrack.  The DC-2 recreates these 5.1 channel soundtracks with stunning accuracy, and takes them to a new level of realism with Lexicons proprietary LOGIC 7 effects.  Drawing on nearly three decades of digital audio experience, Lexicons LOGIC 7 technology expands 5.1 channel as well as 2 channel soundtracks for 7.1 and virtual 7.1 channel playback for an increased sense of spaciousness and surround envelopment.  The LOGIC 7 technology is available in the LOGIC 7, 5.1 LOGIC 7*, DTS LOGIC 7**, MUSIC LOGIC, MUSIC SURROUND, and TV MATRIX effects.  So, whether you are listening to a favorite stereo recording on CD or watching the latest blockbuster on DVD, the DC-2 provides a sense of "being there" that transcends the limitations found in other products.

Lexicon DC-2

The DC-2 provides separate effects for listening to 5.1 channel music and down-mixing 5.1 channels to two channels.  The 5.1 MUSIC* and DTS MUSIC** effects allow you to fine-tune the DC-2 for listening to 5.1 channel music or music videos.  This is extremely useful since there may be substantial mixing differences between film and music on the same format, or you may have your own personal listening preferences.  The 5.1 2-CHANNEL* and DTS 2-CHANNEL** effects allow you to down-mix a 5.1 channel source to 2-channels for recording onto 2-channel mediums such as VHS or cassette tape.  Unlike the down-mixing that occurs in most 5.1 channel source components, the 5.1 2-CHANNEL* and DTS 2-CHANNEL** effects also include the LFE channel.

The DC-2 includes NIGHTCLUB, CONCERT HALL, CHURCH, and CATHEDRAL effects for creating an ideal custom listening environment.  These effects utilize the same Lexicon technology that the overwhelming majority of professionals use when adding ambience to their recordings.  Since the majority of recordings already include Lexicon processing, you may find that using the ambience extraction effects in the DC-2, like MUSIC LOGIC or MUSIC SURROUND, will yield amazing results.  Playback of naturally ambient recordings can be greatly enhanced by our ambience extraction technology as well, transporting you more deeply into the performance.

The DC-2 can be easily integrated with the various types of loudspeaker systems currently available, including those that are THX certified.   There is a menu option for configuring the DC-2 for playback through a THX type speaker system or you can create a custom speaker configuration of your own.  By adhering to the rigorous THX Ultra specification, the DC-2 includes THX enhancements for optimizing playback of matrix-encoded film soundtracks as well as those recorded in the Dolby Digital" and DTS" discrete formats. These enhancements ensure that film soundtracks, which are typically mixed for the acoustics of large theaters, sound as the filmmakers intended when, played back in the relatively small environment of a home theater. We have included these enhancements in the THX CINEMA effect for Dolby Surround encoded soundtracks, the THX 5.1* effect for Dolby Digital" encoded soundtracks and the DTS" THX 5.1** effect for DTS" encoded soundtracks.

Whether you are a casual listener, a demanding user, a movie lover, an audiophile, or all of the above, the DC-2 is designed to suit your needs for years to come.

*Available in the Dolby Digital" (AC-3") and DTS" versions only.
**Available in the DTS" version only.



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