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Lexicon LDD-1
Dolby Digital (AC-3) RF Demodulator

A demodulator is needed to convert the Dolby Digital" RF signal found on laserdiscs, to a bitstream a Dolby Digital" processor can decode. The Lexicon LDD-1 is compatible with all AC-3" equipped laserdisc players and decoders, but was primarily designed as a partner for the Lexicon DC-1. (DVD Does not require a demodulator).

Lexicon LDD-1 Demodulator

Lexicon Incorporated, the greater-Boston firm respected internationally as the creator of the first digital audio product and renowned as a persistent pathfinder in digital audio technology, has debuted a unique stand-alone signal processor designed expressly for state-of-the-art home-theater and surround sound reproduction.

Derived from Lexicon's decades of experience as the world leader in digital audio research and application for professional recording and sound applications, the Lexicon LDD-1 was created to complement the firm's unique DC-1 consumer digital audio processor, which upon its introduction earlier this year was almost universally accepted as the new world standard of home theater excellence.

The new processor should prove invaluable in any system where fully optimized reproduction of Dolby Digital", the new-generation multi-channel, discrete digital surround sound format, is desirable.

Buzz Goddard, Lexicon's VP of Consumer Products, explains why.

"Dolby Digital's" only current software source is the latest generation of laser videodiscs (although DVD is starting to appear), on which the AC-3" code that carries the 5.1 channel digital sound is delivered as a frequency modulated signal - the so-called AC-3" RF signal. While this works perfectly well, our engineers were rightfully reluctant to inject line-level RF directly into the innards of their meticulously designed, state-of-the-art, dynamic range optimized new processor. The solution is the LDD-1, which keeps the potential of RF interference away from the sensitive preamp/processor stage, and also provides highly useful improvements in AC-3" signal quality.

"Current-generation "AC-3" ready" laserdisc players cannot output a single S/PDIF digital-audio bitstream that incorporates the AC-3" data. The AC-3" output is instead ported from a separate RCA jack, in radio frequency (RF) form.

"By placing the requisite demodulation circuitry in its own enclosure, with dedicated power supplies and grounding, its potential to degrade digital to analog conversion and analog audio signals within the preamp/processor is eliminated. Because it is deliberately engineered in a chassis barely four inches deep, the LDD-1 may be located very close to an AC-3" capable player's RF outputs, strictly minimizing the RF signal cable run and so further reducing any potential for radio-frequency interference.

"Uniquely, Lexicon's design goes further in maximizing performance from the Dolby Digital" laserdisc/decoder interface. The LDD-1 includes an AC-3" Optimization feature, implemented by a three-position switch. This selects proprietary digital processing to minimize the error-rate from a wide variety of players; a chart of LD models derived by Lexicon research is supplied, assisting owners and installers in selecting the optimal setting. Lexicon views this unique enhancement as critical in reproducing the data reduced AC-3" signal, where maximum signal integrity is of prime importance.

"In addition to its AC-3" RF signal input, the LDD-1 provides two standard, S/PDIF digital inputs, one each in coaxial electrical and TOSLINK optical formats. These are intended for the conventional digital audio outputs of current LD and LD/CD combi-players. The LDD-1 incorporates fully automated "intelligent" switching between these and its RF AC-3" input, meaning that any laserdisc will automatically be decoded to the maximum of its inherent quality, without any intervention on the part of the listener or even any awareness on his or her part as to the disc's format.

"A stringently designed outboard power supply ensures maximum signal purity. A low-voltage "trigger" input is included, for interconnection to the Lexicon DC-1's remote outputs, producing fully integrated, fully automatic full system operation."

17 × 1 x 4
Rack mount kit available
Coax and optical S/PDIF inputs
Coax AC-3" RF input
Coax output



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