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Lexicon proudly announces their new flagship surround preamp/processor, the MC-1 Music and Cinema processor. Featuring the latest audio and broadcast-quality video technologies, the MC-1 redefines the world standard for serious home entertainment and audio systems. Available in March 99, the MC-1 includes Dolby Digital", DTS", a refined version of the proprietary Lexicon Logic-7 system and will be THX Ultra® certified.

Analogue Audio 8 × Stereo (RCA) pairs
Digital 5 × coaxial (RCA), 3 × optical (TosLink) conforms to S/P-DIF standard, 3 × 96kHz 24-bit digital direct inputs reserved for future use
Video 8 × composite (RCA), NTSC M, PAL standards (SECAM compatible)
8 × S-video (Mini-Din Y/C) NTSC M, PAL standards (SECAM compatible)
RS-232 2 × D-9 type connectors
Infra-Red 1 × mini-phone type direct in parallel with front panel receiver
Analog Audio 8 × outputs: Left, Center, Right, L&R Sides, L&R Rears, Sub-woofer (RCA)
Digital 1 × coaxial conforms to S/PDIF standard (direct out for digital source dubbing)
Video 3 × composite (RCA),1 × Monitor, 2 × Record
3 × S-video (Mini-Din Y/C), 1 × Monitor, × 2 Record
24-bit Analogue/Digital and Digital/Analogue conversions
Dual precision digital crossovers for all channels (40, 80, 120Hz) - Software Version 1.0
24 effects for film and music including Dolby Digital", DTS" and Logic 7
Auto Azimuth Error Correction for matrixed soundtracks
Logic, ambience extraction, and concert hall simulation
Broadcast Quality video switching


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