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Press Release

Lexicon Introduces New DC-1 Trade-In Program

Once again, Lexicon gives consumers, dealers extremely generous trade-in values by offering up to $3,500 in trade-in value of a DC-1 towards the purchase of the Lexicon new flagship MC-1 Music and Cinema Surround Processor.

Bedford, MA, (March 1999): Lexicon-Industry leader with over 25 years experience in high-end surround-sound processing and technology - is offering an extremely generous DC-1 trade-in program towards the purchase of a MC-1 Music & Cinema Surround Processor.  Effective immediately, anyone who wishes to trade in their DC-1 Digital Controller towards the purchase of the company's new flagship state-of-the-art processor (the MC-1) is eligible for a credit of up to $3,500.

This unprecedented program gives high-end home theater enthusiasts the ability to experience the ultimate in surround processing now, without having to make technological sacrifices because of price.

Buzz Goddard, Vice President of Consumer Products for Lexicon, states, "As the inventor of the first successful digital sound processors in the early 1970's and with over a decade of leadership in high-end surround technology, Lexicon has a mandate to bring state of the art technology to its customers in the most responsible manner possible.  We think the DC-1 trade-in value towards the purchase of our new MC-1 Music & Cinema Surround Processor means more to consumers and dealers than any promises or assurances."

Central to the MC-1's design is Lexicon's unique DSP expertise, applied to all surround and ambience modes (and all other digital audio processing functions). More than two dozen such modes are on board, including both the Dolby Digital" and DTS" 5.1-channel digital-surround decoding systems in state-of-the-art implementations. The MC-1 also features a refined version of Lexicon's proprietary LOGIC-7 surround algorithm. LOGIC-7 has been universally praised as the finest surround process yet devised for film-sound and pure-music playback of both matrix-encoded and un-encoded stereo recordings. This exclusive Lexicon system develops 7.1-channel, surround/ambience, employing discrete surround and side channels, that rivals (and in some cases out-performs) 5.1-channel discrete reproduction.

The MC-1 concept, in the view of Lexicon Vice President of Consumer Products Buzz Goddard, was very simple.  "Our development program for the MC-1 was very straightforward: Take all of our best systems, refine everything that was receptive to improvement, and combine it all in a single product.  We're confident that it's the best processor/preamp available at any price, even though it's by no means the costliest."

According to Goddard, the program provides credits up to $3,500 should a DC-1/DTS® owner wish to upgrade to an MC-1 Music & Cinema Surround Processor; $3,000 credit for a DC-1/Dolby Digital®; $2,000 credit for a DC-1/THX®; $1,500 for a DC-1 base model.  The Lexicon CP series may also be eligible for the Trade-In Program, at the dealer's discretion.

Under the program terms, the customer simply returns the unit in excellent condition to the dealer, with all packing materials, manual and remotes included.  The credit is given toward the purchase price ($5,995 suggested retail) of Lexicon's new MC-1.  Please note that value does not include deductions for missing accessories and the condition of the unit and the dealer sets the final price.

Lexicon, Inc., a Harman International Company, has been producing landmark electronics for both the professional audio and consumer markets for over twenty-five years. Today, Lexicon continues to lead the way with acclaimed professional and consumer audio/video products taking the art and technology of sound reproduction another significant step into the future.


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