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U.S. Trade-In Details - SMR Exclusive

Lexicon MC-12 & MC-12 Balanced Trade-in Programs

Bedford, MA (May 24, 2001): The trade-in programs for the MC-12 and MC-12 Balanced will not run concurrently. In the past, high initial demand has resulted in delays in product shipment for those participating in the trade-in programs. To avoid this, neither program will coincide with the initial release of these products.

Trade-ins will be handled by dealers only, not directly with Lexicon. As is the case with any sales program, dealers are not required to participate in the program. However, few dealers have declined to participate in previous programs.

MC-12 Trade-in Program Dates:
Start 09/01/2001
End 10/15/2001

MC-12 Balanced Trade-in Program Dates:
Start 11/01/2001
End 12/15/2001

For this program, the only units which can be traded in towards the MC-12 or the MC-12 Balanced are the MC-1 and the DC-2 (all versions). The trade values are the same towards either the MC-12 or the MC-12 Balanced.

Manufacturer Suggested Trade-in Values:
MC-1 $4,000
DC-2 DTS $2,500
DC-2 AC-3 $2,000
DC-2 THX $1,250

These values assume the units are in good working order and have all packaging, accessories and manuals. Deductions will be made for missing items.

Lexicon appreciates the interest and enthusiasm of the SMR community. Many of the features found in the MC-12 and MC-12 Balanced can be attributed to suggestions made within the SMR Forum. We value input from the forum and we will continue to participate in it.


If you have comments, questions or suggestions for Lexicon about the new MC-12 and MC-12B visit the SMR Lexicon Discussion & Support Forum!

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