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An estimated 19,000 audio professionals attended opening day presentations and exhibits at the Los Angeles Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown L.A. The AES occupied the South Hall portion of the strikingly modern, clean, and airy Convention Center complex.

The image to the right illustrates the approach to the AES Convention in South Hall.

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On the notably clean and easily navigated Exhibition Floor, exclusively pro-audio manufacturers were joined by companies also active in the consumer industryDolby Laboratories, Inc. a case in point. Other exhibitors familiar to home A/V enthusiasts included Denon Electronics, Dynaudio Acoustics, JBL, Lexicon, M&K Sound, Sony Electronics, Tannoy, and many others.

Convention Center dining facilities were several steps above those of many comparable venues, offering a stylish cafeteria and comfortable tables where attendees could enjoy their $7.50 hamburgers.

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Kudos is also due the AES for unusually compact and well-designed Guides and other Convention materials.


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