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For a home theater enthusiast, there's nothing like a gander at the enormous audio consoles used for movie post-production, music, broadcast, and new media to put the complexity of the home A/V pre/pro in its proper perspective! With their vast arrays of buttons, knobs, and faders, these consoles are the ultimate tweaking stations. Shown here are a few of the more striking specimens on display.

Harman International Industries' AMEK Division showed the Rupert Neve-designed 9098I analog mixing console featuring 200kHz (-3dB), Virtual Class A operation throughout, with every signal path balanced either by transformer or Mr. Rupert Neve's own Transformer-Like Amplifier (TLA).

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The new Harrison MPC2 digital film console is designed for feature film dubbing applications requiring a large scale digital console solution.

A prime candidate for the Mother of all Consoles was the Digidesign 48-channel post production Pro-Control workstation, utilizing the company's ProTools|24 digital audio workstation technology.

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