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Lexicon's DSP processing is a familiar technology to SMR Forum readers, so here's a report on some of the company's recent advances in digital surround effects. A longtime heavyweight in studio digital effects as well as consumer surround processors, Lexicon showcased the newly-released V2 software for its acclaimed 960L Multi-channel Digital Effects System.

Unlike systems utilizing three stereo pairs to laboriously construct 3D simulations, the 960L uses Lexicon's proprietary 3DPM Perceptual Modeling technology to generates digital surround reverb and ambience effects for up to sixteen 24/96 channels.

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Available in a $12,000 digital only version or a $15,000 analog/digital configuration, the hardware and software-upgradable 960L comprises the compact, ergonomically friendly LARC2 controller (left) with joystick for panning and easy creative parameter control; a CPU box sports eight balanced inputs and outputs and 4 pairs of AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs.

A live demo of the 960L's 3DPM capabilities generated appropriately realistic environmental reverberations from any designated physical location in selected spaces and acoustically heightened hyperspaces--footsteps echoed convincingly in a variety of rooms, chambers, and halls, while music seamlessly transitioned from dry to ambient. The software incorporates a wide variety of standard industry environments, with provisions for an additional 500 user-definable programs. There's even a coffin mode, quite appropriate given the modest dimensions of the demo booth.

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Although I enjoy the surround effects on my Lexicon MC-1 home theater processor, these effects showed a whole new level of realism that will undoubtedly find its way into future generations of home products. Shown here is Lexicon's chief scientist Dr. David Griesinger (left), and regular SMR Forum 3 contributor Andrew Clark.

In addition to showcasing the company's expertise in psychoacoustic algorithms technology, the Lexicon booth also demonstrated the company's ability to party down at the close of a long opening day.


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