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A studio favorite which has also enjoyed great success with consumer market implementations of its pro speaker designs is Miller and Kriesel Sound Corp. Here, Executive Vice President Charles Back stands before a trompe l'oeil tableau showcasing the MPS-2510P active monitors ($2,000 each).

Any resemblance to M&K's S-150P consumer product is hardly a coincidencebesides the absence of a cosmetic front grill, the two models differ only in the MPS-2510P's back panel switch which toggles directivity characteristics between narrow (THX-compliant) and vertical for a wider coverage extending behind the engineer's desk. This toggle capability will be incorporated in an upcoming revision to the S-150P.

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Also demo'd were the matching MPS-2525 Surrounds ($1,400 each), passive radiators designed to operate in selectable dipole, direct radiator, and tripole modes.

The newest implementations of the innovative flat panel technology from NXT New Transducers, Ltd. showed continuing gains in quality, though in a home theater demo the sound still lacked the dynamic punch and detail of audiophile-grade loudspeakers.

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Still, the appeal of decent mid-fi speakers made out of printable fabric and other decorative surfaces has an undeniable lifestyle appeal. Shown here (above and left) are front and rear views of a flat speaker based on NXT technology.


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