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Fans of NHT founder and designer Ken Kantor are well aware that following the sale of NHT to Recoton, Kantor and some of his key personnel departed to form NHT Pro, recently rechristened Vergence Technology, Inc.

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The A-20 powered speaker line shows an unmistakable link to past NHT efforts, from the angled baffles to the clean, forward sound. The system consists of the A-20 ($1,800/pair) for front L-R and surrounds, matching C-20 center ($1,200/each) and B-20 stereo subs ($2,000/pair - shown left).

Each A-20/B-20 combination yields sound quality and bass extension equivalent to the classic NHT 3.3s, according to A-20 designer Jack Hidley (shown with his offspring), with the additional advantage of more flexible placement options.

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All Vergence speakers are powered by outboard amps (shown left with a Parasound pre/pro) which have been optimized for the speakers' specific power requirements.

Hidley also passed along an interesting tidbit of industry gossipaccording to him, the management personnel imposed in the Recoton takeover have all left, and the NHT division is once again being run by members of the original Kantor team. If true, it will be welcome news for the many admirers of the innovation and quality of NHT's glory days.


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