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Dynaudio, another manufacturer with strong footholds in both pro and consumer markets, demonstrated its BM15A monitors and other high end near and mid field powered speakers in concert with TC Electronic's TC Helicon voice processing technology, which added very convincing reverb to close-miked Fleetwood Mac tracks.

Dynaudio BM15A monitor.

Canadian amp designer Bryston Ltd. supplies the muscle for its subsidiary PMC line of active loudspeakers, including the compact AML 1. At $5,000/pair, though, a color palette coordinator would have been a good investment to tame these Baby Blues.

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About the farthest thing from compact lifestyle speakers such as the NXT are these enormous wedge shaped S26 cinema speakers from Stage Accompany, utilizing the Dutch manufacturer's own Ribbon Compact Drivers to cover the 1kHz to 30kHz range, and conventional cone drivers for extension down to 35Hz.

Amid the mostly industrial-looking studio-grade transducers on display, it was nice to come across some friendly audiophile facesa pair of B&W Nautilus 805s flanking a Pyramix DSD editor for SACD, a technology which occupies our next topic...

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