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On the other hand, why quibble over 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channels when you can have a 45.3 discrete system? No, that isn't a typonewcomer Dimension Audio easily won the "Most Visceral Impact" award with a demo conducted by co-founder Alan Howarth (Sound Designer for "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "The Mask," "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," and many other sound effects-laden Hollywood extravaganzas).

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Dimension Audio's patented Taylor Array Process allows dynamic adaptive mapping of three-dimensional aural phenomenon to a two-dimensional sound reproducing surface composed of sound "pixels" that are discrete, addressable output locations. Actual or synthetic recorded audio material is decomposed into discrete sound sources, which the designer can then map to the sound pixels using a CAD-based system to control the computationally complex processing.

In the demo, Howarth routed the discrete sound pixels to 45 Genelec mini-monitors in real-time using R.Ed Recorder/Editor from Soundscape Digital Technology, Ltd, who hosted the demo in its booth.

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The speakers were evenly distributed across all four walls and ceiling. LF was handled by a single Genelec subwoofer and two of Dimension's aptly-named Buttkicker tactile transducers (below) attached to the booth's platform flooring. For sheer immersion in sound, the results with sound effects like rainstorms and highly synthetic music styles like hip-hop put conventional home and even theater-based multichannel playback systems to shame.

In case you're wondering if Dimension seriously expects people to install 45 or more speakers in their home systems, the answer is nothe system is targeted for installations in theme parks, dance clubs, ride/film simulation experiences, and other specialized markets.


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