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The most intriguing product I saw on the second day of the show was a home A/V system from Linn built around the as-yet-unreleased Kivor, a full bandwidth streaming data recorder that makes other lossy setop toys like Replay and TiVo look like-well, like lossy setop toys. Click For Larger Version
The Kivor employs massive, removable storage media to achieve lossless compression in a multi-user, multi room access server.  The bit for bit storage is fully programmable, expandable as storage requirements grow, and will even record analog sources to 24/96 digital format.   With projected availability in March/April, no price has been set for the Kivor, but if you have to ask& Click For Larger Version
A complete Pioneer DVD-A system, which also includes the DV-AX10 DVD-A player, CAX10 digital preamp supporting 6 channels at 96/24 or 2 channels at 192/24, and M-AX10 amps (which can be configured for two or four channels or bi-amping).  The 192-lb SAX10 speaker was specially designed for DVD-A by Pioneers sister division, Technical Audio devices.   Together, the system made for one impressive demo. Click For Larger Version
Whats particularly notable is that the DVD-A system is self-contained.  The AX10 player connects to the CAX10 preamp [pictured right] through multiple fiber inputs which Pioneer claims is necessary to handle the higher bandwidth.  However, output to external devices is limited to downconverted digital or 6-channel analog.  Not good news for those hoping to integrate higher resolution audio formats with high-end digital domain processors.  Apparently, Pioneer has decided to play by the rules-the good old days of full 24/96 digital output seem to be drawing to a close. Click For Larger Version

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