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CES is, in a word, huge.  This year, during a four-day period over 2,000 manufacturers exhibited myriad products, services and strains of influenza to more than 125,000 attendees from all over the world.  The exhibits and conferences commandeered over 1 million square feet of floor space spread throughout Las Vegas.
With these ever-expanding space requirements and multiple locations, CES suffers from acute multiple personality disorder-the character of the show changes dramatically with the particular venue.

At one end of the ambient spectrum are the traditional convention halls, such as the Sands Exhibition Center.

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CES occupies four full sized-convention facilities, including both wings of the Las Vegas Convention Center (shown here), the adjoining Hilton Convention Center, and the Sands Expo and Auditorium. Click For A Larger Version
The familiar conventional hall ambience includes floorshow displays, narrow, often over-crowded aisles, and of course shockingly overpriced food.  Although some A/V vendors (such as Meridian) went to the trouble to install soundproofed demonstration booths, the majority of convention hall exhibitors settled for display-only open booths. Click For A Larger Version
Denon were one of many manufacturers who took advantage of an open-plan design, exhibiting products from their home theatre, audiophile and integrated system ranges. [SMR]

Photo - Perry L. Sun.

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