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A warm greeting to your humble SMR Home Theatre ambassador from the Lexicon crew.  Kyle Greene, Andrew Clark, and Bart LoPiccolo are well-known to SMR Forum 3 readers for their responsive message board support. Click For A Large Version
Having already beaten everyone else to the punch with the Surround EX" upgrade release last millennium, Lexicon had no new product announcements, but the team were on hand to answer questions--such as how to set the 5-speaker enhance option in a 7.1 channel setup&answer at the foot of this page.

Captured in a moment of serious concentration on weighty engineering issues are Lexicon engineers Kristin Beard and Al Flint.

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Also, an impromptu reunion of sorts between Bart and Buzz Goddard of Tag Maclaren-yes, the British race car manufacturer, but they also make a high-end AVR-32 surround processor.   Rumor has it Mr. Goddard has some experience with similar products. Click For A Large Version
To close out the Lexicon-centric portion of todays report, many owners seeking solutions to implement full range sides for the Bass Enhance feature have taken an interest in the compact subwoofers from M&K.  Shown here is the single driver VX-100 stacked atop its dual-driver sibling, the MX-700.  To the right is Ken Kreisel, the K in M&K, talking shop with audio retailer William Whorf. Click For A Large Version
Answer to the Lexicon question: 5-speaker enhance is part of Logic 7 processing, even in a 7.1 configuration.  The option to turn it off was included only for dealer demonstration purposes; it should be left on in normal use.

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