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Some interesting developments on the DVD-A front, where the repercussions continue to be felt from the recent cracking of the CSS encryption for DVD.  Contrary to widely circulated reports, Pioneer Electronics will not be rolling out DVD-A players prior to finalization of a new encryption scheme.  (Rumors had it the company would release players soon, with a commitment to upgrade when the encryption strategy is agreed to by manufacturers and content providers). Click For A Larger Version
Nevertheless, Pioneer had some display models of two upcoming DVD-A players - an Elite DV-08A, a successor to the companys flagship DV-09, and the gold-plated DV-AX10, a universal format player/transport that decodes both DVD-A and SACD.  The DV-AX10 is designed for incorporation in a complete Pioneer DVD-A system. Click For A Larger Version
An affordable HDTV solution is the $650 RCA/Thomson Consumer Electronics DTC-100 multiformat receiver.  But watch outvideo output is S-VGA (coincidentally compatible with RCA HDTV televisions) rather than the component format that allows greater interoperability between tuner and display manufacturers. Click for a larger version
For a little more, you could get the Panasonic multi-format TU-HDS20 HDTV receiver ($1,000) instead, which would give you more compatibility with HDTV displays. Click for a larger version

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