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Krell introduced a new multi-channel power amplifier at CES 20001. The KAV-200a/5 delivers 5 × 200watts into 8 ohms (5 × 400watts and 5 × 800watts into 4 and 2ohm loads respectively).

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The The KAV-200a/5 employs Krell's current mode topology with 14 proprietary Krell surface mounted transistors per channel and an enormous 4kVA toroidal power supply. Adjacent channels are bridgeable and the amp has balanced and single-ended inputs plus 12volt triggers in and out to simplify system control. Audiophiles look away now it also features a DB-25 input for single cable connection. Price details to follow. []

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In the spirit of the omnipotent alien race in 'Forbidden Planet' that inspired the company's name, Krell flaunted its claim to unlimited power with the Master Reference Amplifier (shown with SMR Forums contributor Kurt Giesselman). This 680lb monoblock behemoth delivers 1,000 class-A watts. A pair will set you back $120,000. []

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The Krell MRA, which weighs three times more than I do, is part of the same series as Krell's Master Reference Subwoofer. It is a whopping 25½" × 18½" × 35" and is only a monoblock! The MRA features Krell's CAST" (Current Audio Signal Transmission) which has been developed "...to send audio signals from component to component without introducing the negative effects of interconnect cables into the signal, i.e., loss of gain, reduced slew rate, and tonal coloration." The amp's gain stages operate in current mode, rather than voltage mode amplification. The output stage is comprised of 216 proprietary output devices manufactured for Krell by Motorola. The signal path within the MRA is balanced from input to output. Power output? More than you will ever need: exceeding 1,000watts into 8ohms, 2,000watts into 4ohms, 4,000watts into 2ohms, 8,000watts into 1 Ohm, and 16,000watts into .5ohm better warn your local power company before hooking this one up. []

More from Krell...

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