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Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

Atlantic Technology introduced the new T-90 system, which will be available in April or May. The system will cost aproximately $1,700 and places just above the T-70 in their product line. The T-90 satellites feature a newly designed 5¼" woofer with a Titanium Coated Molded Graphite cone. The tweeter is the same 1" fabric tweeter used in the T-70. The center channel has two TCMG drivers and the same tweeter and comes with a tilting base. The surrounds use a single woofer/midrange driver with a pair of side firing, phase-reversed " Mylar dome tweeters. The subwoofer is a sealed enclosure design, and has a Class G discrete 150 watt amplifier and a 12" cellulose composite pulp diaphram.

The photograph to the right shows the prototype system, from left to right: surround, center (top), sub (bottom) and L/R. The surrounds will change slightly prior to production so that they fit a little closer to the wall.

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Alongside the Atlantic Technology system, its designer, Vance Dickason, who also designed most of the AT speakers, including the System 370THX that I use at home. I should also point out that Vance is the author of 'The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook', now in its sixth edition and available in seven languages.

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Atlantic Technology also showed a new in-wall subwoofer boasting an frequency response down to 35Hz. It is THX-certified and designed to fit snugly into a 2 × 4 wall. The integral amplifier has parametric equalization that enables the sub to be fine-tuned to reduce resonances within your room. Other features include a phase control and more unusually, 'DSP' modes that emphasize bass in home theater applications or neutrality for music, together with a "midnight mode" which basically serves as a loudness compensator. [] Click for a Larger Version

Look ma, no amps! Although active loudspeakers are common in the professional audio world, they're relatively rare in home theater systems. Miller & Kriesel Sound makes an impressive case for them with the release of their self-powered S-150PTHX ($2,199 each), a consumer version of the company's successful MPS-2510P studio monitors. With their built-in 180watt amplifiers, the S-150PTHX filled the M&K booth with spectacular dynamics and resolution on a variety of music and film sources. []

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