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Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

Before founding Krell in 1980, Chief Engineer Dan D'Agostino began his career designing speakers. As Krell continues to reposition itself as a one-stop A/V systems company, D'Agostino has returned to his roots with the roll out of the LAT speaker series.

LAT stands for Lossless Acoustic Transduce, in case you were wondering. The series features all-aluminum enclosures and ScanSpeak drivers, and is designed for both music and home theater use, according to Krell's Dean Roumanis (shown here with the upcoming LAT-3, a three-way design).

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More revealing of the speaker line's modern styling is the LAT-2 bookshelf in a light metallic finish ($9,500 per pair). The floorstanding LAT-1 is the only model currently shipping, at $35,000 per pair. Other LAT products are expected in the second quarter of 2001.

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A striking alternative approach to balancing cosmetics with transparency, the LAT line's distinctive banded grill is shown here on the LAT Center. At $18,500 apiece, your wallet had better be just as elastic.

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In the LAT line, extreme low frequency duties are assumed by the twin 10" woofers in the LAT Bass Unit ($15,000). Krell is conservative about using the official "subwoofer" designation for this product, howevera reluctance that becomes understandable when we see below what constitutes a real subwoofer in the Krell glossary.

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Yes, here it is folksall 420lbs of the $28,000 Krell Master Reference Subwoofer, subdued here by SMR's Nigel Pond. In a take-no-prisoners assault on unwanted resonance, the 1-inch thick aluminum billet chassis houses two 15" drivers driven to their 3-inch excursions by a 2,600watt pure class-A amplifier.

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Supreme flexibility guided the design of the Master Reference Subwoofer connection panel, which features four selectable presets, each with selectable high and low pass crossover points, filter type, slope, level, and phase settings. A Separate Low Frequency Effects (LFE) input allows simultaneous connection of both main and LFE outputs from a surround sound processor, allowing seamless integration of home theater and two-channel music use. []

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