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A page of SMR friends begins with... a class reunion on both sides as distinguished Lexicon scientist Dr. David Griesinger, developer of Logic 7 and Bass Enhance (right) enjoys a warm moment with former Lexicon marketing innovator Buzz Goddard (left), now President of TAG McLaren Audio USA.

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In a fireside chat later that evening, Buzz Goddard nonchalantly displays his latest TAG McLaren Audio gear--the curvy F1 speaker and a rack gleaming with TAG electronics such as the DVD-32R and AV-32R. During his long stint as Vice President of Marketing for Lexicon, Inc. Buzz was an active SMR Forums member and pioneered many innovations in customer relations, including Lexicon's famous company-sponsored trade-in programs, and he still maintains an online presence for direct contact with the A/V community. []

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Sue Regan is secretary of The Academy Advancing High Performance Audio and Video, an organisation with which SMR Group has close ties. Sue is seen here representing Meridian Audio at CES 2001. Click for a Larger Image

Wave "Hello!" to Sue Morgan of Nicoll PR. Sue is one of the audio/video industry's leading public relations specialists representing Meridian Audio, B&W, Audiocontrol, Runco and others. We would like to publicly thank Sue because without her help (and patience) we would not be able to bring you many of the product reviews featured elsewhere on this site. []

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