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This is the Atlantic Technology P-2000 Surround Processor. That's right, Atlantic Technology has burst onto the surround processor scene with a pretty competitive unit. But wait! It looks remarkably similar to the Outlaw Model 950 we saw yesterday...

In fact, aside from the odd cosmetic change, the two units are all but identical. This is not surprising given the Atlantic connections within Outlaw. The P-2000 has a MSRP of $1,699, so in comparison it is far more expensive than the Model 950. Exactly why, we don't know.

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The feature list includes component video switching, Dolby EX, Pro Logic II, DTS-ES (matrix and discrete), DTS NEO:6 and it also features a new surround mode called Cirrus Extra Surround, just like the Model 950.

Beneath the P-2000 is the A-2000 6-channel power amplifier. (Get it? A="Amplifier", and P="Processor". Pretty clever, no?) This is a 125 watts × 6 amplifier. It's expected to ship in the first quarter of 2002 priced at $1,299.00. Anyone spot a connection to an Outlaw? []

With its business model primarily targeted at the custom installer market, Sherbourn Technologies is less well known at the general A/V consumer level. Nevertheless, under the savvy direction of co-founding industry veterans Ron Fone and Engne Tang, Sherbourn power amplifiers have garnered accolades among professional reviewers for their quality and value. The Model 5/1500A shown here (bottom) houses five amp modules delivering 200 watts into 8 ohms and 300 watts into 4 ohms; each module has its own 400VA toroidal transformer and heat sink. Balanced and RCA connectors and a 12-volt trigger complete the package-all for $2,000. A good thing should get even better in May, with Sherbourn's planned release of a 7-channel version (the world's first amp with 7 toroidal transformers, Fone claims), with a target price of $2,500. Click for a Larger Image

The P7/1000 7-channel pre/pro with tuner (top), due in early April at a target price of $2,000. In combination, the units will comprise a separates-based $4,500 alternative to top-of-the-line receivers.

Any resemblance between the Sherbourn P7/1000 and the pre/pros unveiled by Outlaw Audio and Atlantic Technologies (top of page) is far from coincidental. Confidential sources confirm that all three are the same unit, manufactured in Malaysia under nonexclusive OEM agreements with Eastern Asia Technology, Ltd. (Eastech). And these are not Eastech's only clients-in the coming months, look for this same pre-pro to appear bearing customized faceplates from a half-dozen specialty audio manufacturers. Because many of these companies lack the in-house resources and expertise to keep current with the ever-increasing complexity of today's surround processors, reliance on OEM solutions is a logical strategy for competing with larger mass-market electronics manufacturers. To avoid prohibitive development and production costs, a company with a design concept (reportedly Outlaw in this case) contracts with a manufacturer such as Eastech to build the product; granting Eastech the right to resell the unit to other companies lowers costs by leveraging production across higher volume. []

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Latest additons 1st February 2002:

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Sherbourn Technologies 5/1500A
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Lamm Industries L2 Reference
Vacuum Tube Logic TL 2.5.1
McCormack Audio MAP-1 Processor
Cary Audio CAD-88 Amplifier
Toshiba Blue Laser Prototype
Draper Revelation & Hi-Def Gray
NHT Evolution Subwoofers
Von Schweikert Audio dB-99

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