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Scotland’s Linn Products Ltd. was one of the few specialty audio manufacturers to bring an enclosed booth to the Las Vegas Convention Center showroom floor. Inside, the company had a working prototype of its upcoming KISTO System Controller, due out next spring at an as-yet-unspecified price, but unofficially reported to be upwards of $10,000. Named in honor of a highly valued Linn employee who passed away last year, the KISTO is positioned to compete in the top tier of high-performance preamp/processors. The KISTO’s feature set has not yet been finalized, and no specifics or product literature were available, but Linn reps claim it “has everything” in the way of current surround technologies. It certainly has a pristine 5.1 analog bypass and excellent A/D conversion, judging from a short demo with DVD-Audio, SACD, DVD-Video, and Redbook CD sources.

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Feeding the KISTO was a working model of Linn’s highly anticipated universal disc player, to be named the UNIDISK 1.1 when it ships (also this spring), with a retail price expected to be in the $8,000-8,500 range. As reported in our High Fidelity Report news item, Linn plans to OEM the Unidisk 1.1’s internal design to other manufacturers at mid- and high-end price points. The handsome black and silver styling, shown for the first time on this static display unit, was an elegant alternative to the all-silver faceplate in the demo booth.

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The UNIDISK rear panel offers a full complement of analog and digital connections. The player will handle both DVD-Audio and SACD in their respective native formats, but output them in analog only – no digital interface is supported for high-resolution formats. []

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