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Describing an Item

What should I include when describing an item? Imagine you are the bidder for a moment, what would you like to see there? Okay - do it! What looks lousy and steers you away from an auction? Don't do it! So simple when you think about it. Be certain to include information regarding shipping. For example, do you charge actual shipping and does the item you have listed need special packing? Might your item need a special box? Be sure to indicate this. You have a lot of decisions to make, take you time and follow the lead from other auction listings that have caught your eye.

What should I omit? This too is simple. Forget the silly musical tunes, moving icons and graphics, flags waving for your state, "off-the-wallpaper" and so on. If nothing else they're irritating, but sometimes such outlandish auctions can't be loaded by a WebTV browser, take too long for those with 28.8K access or crash your browser completely. I recommend omitting a list of "don'ts" and "terms and conditions" place your payment and shipping terms and go on. Consider having an eBay "me" web page for terms and conditions and then refer visitors to that.

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