User Feedback & Shipping

Wait! If you are considering placing a bid, look closely at the seller's feedback. A negative feedback entry from time to time is normal, and if you examine that entry you might find it was placed by an angry person and not deserved. However, beware of sellers who do have unresolved issues. Also read all of the auction text and assume nothing! Is the shipping cost for priority service and with insurance, or is someone padding his/her pockets with your shipping costs. To be fair, some items do require unusual boxes and special packing, however if the seller asks $10.00 shipping for a phono cartridge or PCMCIA card modem for your laptop, keep looking.

If you are not in the same country as the seller, be sure the seller will ship to your location. Do not ask the seller to lie about value on the customs forms. Keep currency exchange rates and payment form in mind as you send payment to another country and remember you may have to pay import duty and tax on your purchase.

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