I Want that Doggie in the Window

You have done your research; you have selected the item or items you are looking for. Now you turn to an Internet auction to find that Gyroscopic 9000MkII air-bearing turntable with Coriexan plinth, preferably with sinusoidal stabilizer motor upgrade. Months go by, and by, and by… then Eureka! There it is - the Gyroscopic 9000Mk II, and it is listed on eBay with optional upgrades, even the dual-arm mount option. You must have it! You would sell your kids, the dog and your mother-in-law for that fine work of art. Okay - now what do you do?

As with a traditional in-person auction, first up you must register in order to place a bid. Registration is a painless matter, so in no time you will be ready to place that bid, win the auction and own the turntable of your dreams. Oh, not so quick! We need to cover a few basics, bidding tips and warnings.

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  Timing is Everything   Registering as a Seller
  Proxy Bidding   Payment Options
  Sniping   Auction Assistance
  Seller Feedback & Shipping   Including Photographs
  You've Won! What Now?   Describing an Item
  Sending Payment   Launching an Auction
  Receiving Goods   Packaging
  Received Damaged Goods?   Contacting the Purchaser
  Assistance from eBay   Shipping the Item

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