Selling on eBay

Registering as a Seller

First up - you need to register as a seller. This is a little more complex than just being a buyer as now one has to pay eBay for listing fees. You didn't expect to sell items on the largest Internet auction site for free, did you? Fees are billed to your credit card once a month - and they don't take American Express, Visa and MasterCard are the only forms of payment accepted. You will pay a fee based upon the listing minimum or reserve price, whichever is higher. A small fee is charged for running a reserve price auction, should your item not sell. Add to your costs a few extras to really make your auction shine - like a bold face title. Maybe you would like to have your item listed as a featured item, and if so will the extra cost be worth it? If you are selling a decked-out Lexicon DC-1 with the latest upgrades a small additional outlay to highlight your auction can be worthwhile.

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