Selling on eBay

I Want to Sell That Doggy in My A/V System!

So you want to sell on eBay? Once news-groups were flooded with tirades posted by regulars complaining of inflated prices found at auction sites such as eBay, but who's kidding whom? We all want the most money for our used equipment, and a larger buyer base is the way to go. Much of what is posted in the purchasing section really applies to the selling end of a transaction as well. You simply need to place yourself at the other end of the transaction… and prepare yourself for enlightenment.

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  Proxy Bidding   Payment Options
  Sniping   Auction Assistance
  Seller Feedback & Shipping   Including Photographs
  You've Won! What Now?   Describing an Item
  Sending Payment   Launching an Auction
  Receiving Goods   Packaging
  Received Damaged Goods?   Contacting the Purchaser
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