Sending Payment

Don't call Western Union! Not long ago, private party sales were settled via check or money order. The average seller did not have access, nor would want to pay the fees required to offer the option of credit card payment. Times have changed, but not necessarily for the better. On eBay, PayPal from x.com, BillPoint and BidPay are common payment methods… and common headaches.

From my experience, on the whole these systems work well and instant payment means your item can be coming your way instead of your money order heading to the seller. Where do problems arise? A common one comes from errors in e-mail addressing when sending a payment. The buyer sits wondering where their item is, while the seller sits waiting for payment. Then there is the "two-click boogie", in other words, you click the mouse button twice thinking the process did not complete the first time and wind up sending the payment twice! Also keep in mind that traditional rights as a credit card purchaser do not apply. If you are the victim of fraud, you can not contact the credit card company and expect charges to be removed and back-charged to the seller. I expect this to change as e-commerce grows, however should fraud even enter your mind, pay by a postal money order just in case. That way you can take advantage of postal fraud laws.

BidPay operates differently than most payment services. Instead of crediting the sellers bank account, BidPay charges a fee to the buyer, informs the seller of an incoming payment and sends a money order to the seller. They are reputable, however payment tends to be slow and many sellers wait for the money order to arrive. I recommend you ask the seller if they accept BidPay before the auction ends and be sure to ask if they wait for payment to arrive before shipping your item.

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