You've Won, What Now?

Hot Dawg! I won! Now what? Firstly print out a copy of the auction page, you will need it for your records, especially if any disputes arise.

Traditionally the seller contacts the bidder to notify them of their winning bid, and to open the lines of communication for the details to come. eBay recommends contact is made within three days of auction close. As a bidder, if you do not hear from the seller - send an e-mail to introduce yourself. We have become accustomed to sending e-mails with the click of a mouse, but don't forget that sometimes they do get lost in the system for reasons beyond our control.

Once contact has been made, both parties need to come to an agreement on shipping details, insurance and the form of payment. Sellers often list conditions as to the form of payment and shipping costs as part of the auction listing, and as a buyer you need to be prepared to meet those conditions. The seller may specify payment via bank check and money order only, or via an electronic transfer service such as PayPal. Whichever form of payment you agree on be sure to be prompt and whatever you do, make no silly excuses. Most sellers will understand when a money order is sent on a Monday or Tuesday if an auction closed on Saturday…. But few sellers will be pleased or understanding if payment is mailed two weeks later! My advice is to keep the seller posted should a legitimate delay occur. I once had a winning bidder politely ask if their item had shipped yet. It had not, as I had not yet received payment. Imagine the buyer's embarrassment when he discovered the envelope under his car seat! I must add that when I did receive the money order, it was indeed dated quite a few days before the postmark. It happens to the best of us; I once found a payment envelope in the passenger side door map pocket of my car. My advice again - keep the lines of communication open.

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