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Technology, Theory and Design

Technical Design/Implementation
Repurposing for Multichannel (Solutions for Deriving Additional Channels)
DVD Authoring - Mi Casa Multimedia
DVD-Audio Mastering - Charlie Watts of Enterprise Mastering
SACD Mastering - David Glasser of Airshow Mastering
5.1 Remastering Technologies
Quad Teck Digital Mastering
TC Electronic UnWrap
Matrix Surround Technologies
SRS Labs Circle Surround II
Production Technologies & Issues
5.1 Entertainment - The Multichannel Frontier
0dBFS+ Level In Audio Production
John Eargle - Surround Microphone Techniques
John Kellogg - Mulitchannel Mixing Philosophy and Challenges
Gary Mraz - Artistic Opportunities
Tomlinson Holman - The History & Future of Surround Sounds
Record/Playback Technologies

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