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Names and Faces
Producers, Engineers
Brant Biles [Mi Casa]
Michael Bishop [Telarc]
Guy Charbonneau [Le Mobil]
Ed Cherney
Rez Dahya [3Bone]
Darrel Diaz [Future2Future]
David Glasser [Airshow]
Jared Goldberg [3Bone]
Dave Hampton [Future2Future]
Jedediah Harper [3Bone]
David Hewitt [Location Recording]
Tomlinson Holman [THM Labs]
Nathaniel Kunkel
Nathaniel Kunkel
Russ Kunkel
Bob Ludwig [Gateway Mastering]
Bill McQuay [NPR]
Bob Michaels [5.1 Entertainment]
Elliot Scheiner
Al Schmitt
Michael Swartz [Hi-Res]
Dr. Mark Waldrep [AIX]
Don Was [Keynote]
Don Was [SMA]
Company Representatives
Craig Anderson [Craigman Digital]
J. Todd Baker [SRS Labs]
David DelGrosso [DTS]
David DelGrosso [DTS]
Andrew Demery [Sony]
Kurt Heiden [SRS Labs]
David Kawakami [Sony]
Alan Kraemer [SRS Labs]
Lorr Kramer [DTS]
Ingrid Powell [DTS]
Gary Reber [WSR]
Lisa Roy [Keynote]
Lisa Roy [SMA]
Jeff Talmedge [Denon]
Kevin Voecks [Revel]
Artists and Composers
Justine Brandy
David Crosby
Herbie Hancock
Alan Howarth
John McEuen
Graham Nash
Graham Nash [HFR]
Alan Parsons
Dweezil Zappa
Philip Brandes [SMR Group]
Sanjay Durani [HFR]
Catherine Haggerty [UE Media]
Brian Moura [HFR]
Brigitte Pailet [UE Media]
Nigel Pond [SMR Group]
Margaret Sekelsky [UE Media]
Frank Wells [UE Media]
Andre Yew [SMR Group]

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Show report last updated: 2nd February 2003.


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