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Lexicon MC-12 and MC-12B
UK Pricing Explanation - SMR Exclusive

MC-12 & MC-12B Pricing Explanation from Distributor CSE

York, United Kingdom (May 30, 2001): There follows a simple explanation of the pricing comparison between one of the new Lexicon products if imported from the US, and the UK suggested retail prices. Hopefully this will indicate just how competitive the UK MC-12 pricing structure will be and the benefits of purchasing from a recognised source.

The MC-12 US suggested retail price is $9,000 excluding tax (American retailers always quote without tax, just as in the UK we quote including or excluding VAT). The MC-12 Balanced US suggested retail price is $10,000 (tax as above).

If importing an MC-12, firstly one would need to add VAT at 17.5% (unless you are a smuggler):

MC-12: $9,000 + 17½% = $10,575
MC-12 Balanced: $10,000 + 17½% = $11,750

Then one has to add add Import Duty at approximately 4½%

MC-12: $10,575 + $405 ($9,000 × 4½%) = $10,980
MC-12 Balanced: $11,750 + $450 ($10,000 × 4½%) = $12,200

So, before either unit is shipped and/or insured (bearing in mind their weight and value - a costly option by air express to minimise risk of loss) the two units would cost:

MC-12: $10,980 - £8,014.60*
MC-12 Balanced: $12,200 - £8,905*

* Calculated at the 30/05/2001 exchange rate of $1.37 = £1

The likelihood is that shipping and insurance would be between £150 and £250, (DHL estimates £117 shipping + £81 insurance (based on 17kg and £8,100 for the MC-12) or £128 shipping + £90 insurance (based on 21kg and £9,000) for the MC-12B) so you have prices of over £8,121 and £9,123.

UK consumers will therefore be especially pleased to learn that the UK retail prices are:

MC-12: £8,100
MC-12 Balanced: £9,000

The UK prices include VAT and a two year guarantee (US models would be 'grey market' and have to be returned to the US for any warranty repairs should they occur - with costly shipping each way and a higher risk of damage/loss). All this and hopefully the happy smiling service that you can expect from CSE and their dealers.

Even though CSE funds all the UK's Lexicon adverts and review stock, dealer training etc., we are pleased to be able to provide these parity prices for the MC-12 and MC-12 Balanced.

Ian Severs - CSE

Telephone: 01423 359054


If you have comments, questions or suggestions for Lexicon about the new MC-12 and MC-12B visit the SMR Lexicon Discussion & Support Forum!

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