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Lexicon Archive Video Clips

1989 Lexicon Introductory Video - MPEG-1
19,345Kb ~ 3 minutes 56 seconds 256 × 192

1989 Lexicon Introductory Video - DivX AVI
21,954Kb ~ 3 minutes 56 seconds 256 × 192

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Lexicon Video

Lexicon CP-1 Product Launch Video - MPEG-1
22,315Kb ~ 5 minutes 28 seconds 256 × 192

Lexicon CP-1 Product Launch Video - DivX AVI
25,316Kb ~ 5 minutes 28 seconds 256 × 192

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Lexicon CP-1

The Lexicon CP-1, introduced in 1989, was the first consumer Lexicon product and the world's first digital Dolby Pro Logic processor. To mark its launch, Lexicon produced a special Laserdisc that included a brief company overview and an outline of the CP-1's abilities, alongside basic video and audio test material.

The files above represent the first two chapters of that Laserdisc and have been produced with the kind permission of Andrew Clark at Lexicon.


Produced and Directed by: Gary Soprano, Sabre Imagery, Inc.
Surround Direction: Buzz Goddard
Associate Directors: Tom Haley, Larry Santaw & Jim Tuomey
Computer Graphics: Larry Santaw, Michael Goldberg & John Bonnor
Voice: Kris Kane & Leah Holsten
Music: Paul D. Lehrman & The Bozniaks
Foley/Sound Effects: LARC Bros.
Editors: Bpb Gilmore & Steve Bayes
Opus Audio Engineer: Will Eggleston
Production Assistant: Alane Brackett
Script: Suzanne Del Rossi, Paul Lingard, R.J. Revilock, B.W. Smith & Gary Soprano

Technical Notes:

The DivX files offer superior video performance (sharper, blacker blacks and a higher contrast ratio). However, the DivX audio is marginally inferior to the MPEG-1 versions due to the inability of its lossy CODEC to cope with out-of-phase material during the opening and closing few moments of each sequence, yet the audio upon all files is 160kb/s and 44.1kHz stereo.

DivX files require the free DivX CODEC bundle (version 5.0.1 and above) from:

DivX - Download DivX


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