SMR - CEDIA UK Expo. 2000

SMR Home Theatre - CEDIA UK Expo 2000 Show Report by Stuart M. Robinson

Founded in 1989, CEDIA, The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association - an international trade organisation - now has over 1,700 members who specialise in the planning and installation of home electronic systems.

If today's home theatre world is too complicated for you to understand, or an installation is beyond your woodworking and design skills, then CEDIA is the organisation to call.

CEDIA conventions are more than just a showcase for new technologies, seminars are held throughout the event with the aim of increasing the participant's knowledge of practical, commercial, legal and management issues.

SMR Home Theatre was in attendance at the UK's second CEDIA expo and has been diligently chronicling events and developments at conventions ever since.  This year I traveled to Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England during the sunny month of June to bring you this report.

Simon Spears and Andy Robeson
CEDIA UK's executive secretary & operations manager Simon Spears and assistant operations manager Andy Robeson.

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CEDIA UK Expo 2000


Brighton and Hove Seafront
Brighton & Hove Seafront

CEDIA UK Expo 2000 Page Index
Page One Page Seven
Brighton & Hove, Brighton Centre, The Grand Hotel & Palace Pier. Myryad, ARCAM, Primare Systems & Sherbourn Technologies.
Page Two Page Eight
QED Audio Products, QED Systemline, Imerge Soundserver & B&W. Genelec, Hank Finke, Parasound, Mark Allcock, Clive Eddy, European Communications Technology & Martek Electronics.
Page Three Page Nine
Panja, Phast Landmark and Xantech. Loewe, Escient, Dave Keller, Snell & Wilcox, Meridian Audio, Owl Video Systems & Focus.
Page Four Page Ten
Lynx Products, Vantage & Lutron lighting. Audio Design Associates, Richard Stoerge, Snell Acoustics, Denon, Hayden Laboratories, The British Audio Journal & Barco.
Page Five Page Eleven
B&W CASA, Straight Wire, Steven G. Hill, Sonance, Quantum Systems and Meridian Audio. Keith Haddock, Kulwinder Singh Rai, Ian Severs, Mark Allcock, Charles Back, Mike Beatty, Leah Speakman, Hank Finke, Robert Morgan Males & Stuart M. Robinson.
Page Six
Boston Acoustics, Parasound, Eric Suh, NHT, Acoustic Research & REL.

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