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That we live in a golden age of speaker designs is a point quickly proven by even a cursory stroll through the abundant demos at CES.  Quality continues to improve at every price point, bringing good sound within the reach of any budget, even as stiff competition continues to insure better values to the consumer.  Well start with products from some of the manufacturers frequently discussed here at SMR.
Aerial Acoustics new models will certainly interest followers of perfectionist designer Michael Kelly.  First up, a new monster of a center, the CC5, which offers better (as in identical) voice-matching to the popular 10T fronts.  Measuring 28"w 9.8"h 22"w, the CC5 weighs in at 95 lbs! Click For Large Version
The new Aerial LR3, a monopole surround alternative to the SR-3, uses the same drivers as the CC-3 center and Model 7B fronts. Click For Large Version
In addition to packing quite a wallop, the recently-introduced SW12 subwoofer also serves as gorgeous furniture--even from the rear. Click For Large Version
Precision cabinet design is a hallmark of the entire Aerial product line, so Michael Kelly is not shy about showing cut-away versions of all his models. Click For Large Version
Also on display, a Model 2200 flagship concept speaker Kelly admits will end up looking nothing like the prototype--it was shown simply to reassure dealers that an upmarket product is in the works. Click For Large Version

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