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A hot announcement from Philips on the first day of the show, the Pronto Pro remote control system, model number: TSU6000.

The Pronto Pro has a 256 colour display, 8Mb of memory, IR/RF capability, built-in code libraries (500 brands in 17 categories) and learning capability. The control software has been revised since the release of the Pronto and is included for use with the RS-232 computer interface. The recharging dock is also included, and a sensor activates the LCD when the remote is picked up.

It'll be available second quarter 2001 priced at $999.99. []

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As you can see from our own exclusive photograph, the new Pronto Pro fits neatly into the hand. With its combination of clear, intelligible (now colour) touch-screen and selection of 'real' buttons, the Pronto Pro looks to be a budget-friendly alternative to the offerings from Crestron and AMX.

Selected as CES 2001 Innovations Award winner, the Pronto Pro also received the highest score in its category, making it a Best of Show honouree. [].

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A "real button" alternative to a touch-screen, the Xantech URC2 remote control, fully programmable using Xantech's Dragon-Drop Windows® software (can be downloaded from www.xantech.com). IR "palettes" for equipment are also available from the site and regularly updated and of course, the URC-2 can be integrated with Xantech's huge range of IR and remote/switching equipment.

Programming the URC2 is probably not for the novice user, but certainly within the capabilities of the more experienced home theater buff and, of course, the professional installer.

The URC2 is available now, priced at $200 with the RS-232 cable an optional extra. []

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The simplicity and elegance of the $650 TheaterTouch from Remote Technologies, Inc. belies its formidable underlying capabilities. A well-designed integration of touchscreen and hard button controls, PC-based programming flexibility (including drag-and-drop interface, conditional branching, and unlimited macro assignment), extensive library of command files, and niceties like RF and RS-232 control options bring the power of high-end controllers to a broader market. An SMR review hails the TheaterTouch as a price/performance breakthrough product that rules the under $1,000 remote control category. [] Click for a Larger Version

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