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The infamous Buttkicker Shaker, one of the new breed of tactile transducers.

I was impressed, the Buttkicker could easily shake a wooden platform on which one was mounted and on which all 240lbs of yours truly was standing. The Buttkicker has no voice coil, it operates using a linear motor (a concept invented some years ago by Prof. Eric Braithwaite of Imperial College). Two opposing electro-magnets driven by a high-level (speaker) signal produce the motion. Each Buttkicker has internal thermal protection to prevent overheating.

The image to the right shows one attached to a board that is in turn attached to a couch for demonstration purposes, but would usually be installed inside the couch or under a platform.

The Buttkicker is available now priced at $699 but is on special offer at the moment - $699 including a power amp (but no details as to which one). []

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Tom Clark Fenner of Clark Synthesis holding their latest tactile transducer, the Platinum 1. It has a frequency response of 5Hz to 800Hz (tactile) and 20Hz to 17kHz (overall). The magnet is a 27oz, 42MGO neodymium giving the unit a transduction force of 6.9lb-ft/watt and a tactile force of 932lb-ft. Peak power handling is 400watts and continuous is 135watts. The Platinum 1 is available now with an MSRP of $699.95. Tom also told me that Clark Synthesis will be bringing out its own range of power amps to accompany its transducers. []

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Something for the DIY fanatic - the Techflex and Heatshrink.com stands at the Alexis Park. These companies sell products to cover just about any size of cable the DIYer would wish to use. This area of the Alexis Park turned out to be DIY Row as to the right of the heatshrink.com stand (but not visible in the image) were the representatives from WBT showing their wide range of precisely machined connectors for audio interconnects and 'speaker cable. This was the first time I had seen these connectors up close and they really are very well made and able to accommodate large wire gauges. I must try them out for myself! [] Click for a Larger Image

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