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Sennheiser have released a new series of 900MHz headphones. Clockwise from lower left on the stylish Sennheiser stand: RS-40, RS-80 ($269), RS-60, RS-60 (again), RS-30 ($99), and center the RS-80 (again). []

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If you want the absolute best in headphone systems, this is surely it. The beautiful looking and equally beautiful sounding Sennheiser Orpheus. The Orpheus combines the best in electrostatic headphone design with the best of tube (valve) amplifier design. It even has a digital input and its own DAC so you can plug in a CD player without the need for any other electronics. I could have listened to this all day. []

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I am afraid that price-wise it's another of those "if you have to ask" products the system retails for $11,900 and is only available from headphone specialists Headroom. Someone must be buying them because of the limited edition production run of 300 at the time of writing only 3 remain. [] Click for a Larger Image
At the more affordable end of the scale is Headroom's own The Max. This is one solidly built piece. The case is machined from aluminium and has thick front and rear plates. The amp has a dual mono power supply, an Avel-Lindberg toroidal transformer, a pair of locking Neutrik headphone jacks and a very smooth Nobel potentiometer for volume control along with Headroom's own "audio image processor". Matched with a pair of Sennheiser HD-600 'phones it sounded great, as one would expect from a Stereophile class "A" rated product. The Max is available direct from Headroom priced at $1,333: http://www.headphone.com/ [] Click for a Larger Image

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