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Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

EdgeAudio are one of the first implementors of the DiAural crossover technology first announced a few years ago. The DiAural crossover, based only on carefully matched networks of inductors, promises high dynamic performance at very low-cost. EdgeAudio have take advantage of the DiAural technology along with a direct-sale method to deliver inexpensive surround speaker systems that promise high performance.

So how did they fare? EdgeAudio were kind enough to set aside a significant amount of time during a busy CES to talk to me, and allow me to listen to their speakers, so that I could answer that question.

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My main motivation for talking to them was finding out more about the DiAural crossover, and listening to it, since I had heard so many amazing claims for the technology.

Much to their credit, EdgeAudio's representatives did not talk much about DiAural technology, unlike some other companies who flog their one-trick ponies to the detriment of everything else. Edge focused on a more balanced approach: good, usable speaker technology packaged in a convenient package (Edge sells speakers in surround packages with necessary wires included), delivered at an affordable price, backed up by pre-sale and post-sale technical support to help the user get the most out of the speakers. It was refreshing to see a speaker company committed to the right things: making sure that it was affordable and easy to get good sound..

Without good sound, everything else is irrelevant. To make good on the rest of their promises, Edge must deliver fundamentally good sound. After my audition of the 502D shielded satellite speakers and SW-8 sub ($699) in a two-channel arrangement, which was done under noisy show conditions in less than an ideal room, I think Edge have succeeded. In the less than ideal room, I heard fairly precise imaging, coupled with dynamics that seem to belong to larger speakers. Tonal quality was friendly and listenable, with little tendency to become shrill or otherwise unpleasant at high volume levels. Perhaps the best description of the sound I heard was composed and unruffled. Playing music with deep bass and high dynamics did little to disrupt the little system's composure. Coupled with their 30-day return policy, the speakers are definitely worth a listen at home. []

Oh, and don't forget to check out SMR's own EdgeAudio review!

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