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Loudspeakers and Subwoofers

When it comes to high-efficiency loudspeakers that can be paired with low output amplifiers (such as single-ended triodes), horn designs are the traditional drivers of choice. However, taming horn drivers' notoriously uneven frequency curve is a technically demanding-and expensive-proposition. A spectacular realization of horn speakers with impressively flat response and smoothly detailed voicing could be found in the Avantgarde Acoustic suite at the Alexis Park. Avantgarde Acoustic produces spherical horns to ultra-precise specifications by using elaborate, high-pressure injection molding technology.

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If you have the space and penchant for futuristic styling, the Duo 3.0's ($16,970-$18,970, depending on finish) are a treat for the eye, as well as the ear.

For a more understated statement-or a center to go with the larger Avantgarde Hornspeakers--the new Uno can fill the bill for $6,970/pair. Driven by a 250 wpc built-in amplifier, the Uno's concentrically mounted horn drivers achieve 98 dB efficiency and a frequency response of 25-25kHz.

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France's Verity Audio widened its line of audiophile loudspeakers with the entry level Tamino ($5,000/pair). This 3-way design utilizes a rigid polymer TPX cone midrange driver working in parallel with a rear-firing woofer low-passed at 100 Hz; the tweeter is a Scan Speak 3/4-inch soft-dome. Like its upmarket Fidelio and Parsifal siblings, the Tamino sports a gorgeous black lacquer finish. No matching center is available, alas-Verity's focus remains two-channel audio.

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Quad ESL-989s ($8,000/pair), the modern successor to the venerable ESL-63 electrostatics, had a sweet spot to die for paired with E.A.R. electronics at the Alexis Park. []

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Latest additons 1st February 2002:

Sherbourn Technologies P7/1000
Sherbourn Technologies 5/1500A
DTS In-Car Audio Demonstration
DTS Multimedia Demonstration
Philips Pronto Remote Controls
Philips DVD+RW Recorders
Simaudio Titan & W-5 Amplifiers
WAVAC Audio Lab Model HE-833
conrad-johnson PV-12L & 17LS
conrad-johnson GAT
Quad ESL-989 & Verity Audio Tamino
Avantgarde Acoustic Duo & Uno
NHT Evolution Loudspeakers
NHT Evolution Theory & Design
Joseph Audio Loudspeakers
PS Audio Ultimate Lab Power Cable
PS Audio Power Director & Juice Bar
PS Audio Classic 250 & HCA-1 Amps
Morel Applause & Octave
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Due
Miller & Kreisel Multi-Platform
Miller & Kreisel Column Surrounds
Lamm Industries L2 Reference
Vacuum Tube Logic TL 2.5.1
McCormack Audio MAP-1 Processor
Cary Audio CAD-88 Amplifier
Toshiba Blue Laser Prototype
Draper Revelation & Hi-Def Gray
NHT Evolution Subwoofers
Von Schweikert Audio dB-99

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