Launched on Labor Day in the year 1995, the Internet person-to-person auction site eBay™ is by far the largest on-line trading community in existence. According to eBay statistics, as of July 2000 over 60 million auctions have been completed between over 10 million registered users. Clearly eBay as well as rival person-to-person auction sites such as Yahoo! Auctions and Amazon.com auctions have changed the method how we buy and sell.

While not for everybody or every item, Internet auctions present the buyer with a broad spectrum of items at a single location. For the seller, the market has suddenly reached far beyond the local newspaper classified section, or even Internet news-groups. With the sheer quantity of items to buy and sell, and ample buyers and sellers ready to make contact - will we ever look back? I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1997, closing countless transactions in that period. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly from both sides of the fence and some of the issues involved can be hotter than placing a "why do you hate Bose?" thread on an audiophile newsgroup.

Remember above all, buying and selling on eBay can and should be a pleasurable experience. Many people consider the buyers and sellers on eBay as a "community", and indeed transactions are built on trust and honesty. Finding that special item - or just a bargain - can be fun! Selling your retired items to a new owner can and should be an enjoyable experience also. Happy bidding!

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