Selling on eBay

Shipping an Item

All worked well, you received the money order, the check you accepted has cleared, you received and confirmed that PayPal payment. Time to ship, so here are a few tips:

Have your UPS shipper form filled out before you walk through their doors. Pick up extra forms if this is your first visit. Be sure to list the item value for insurance, remember $100.00 is included.

UPS will come to your door on demand, handy for large items, however shipping costs will be higher. This is a viable option if you are shipping a large pair of loudspeakers.

If using the postal service, you can speed-up your visit by having all the forms filled out. All the forms you need, from insurance to delivery confirmation to customs (below and above four pounds) are all available for you to take home and have ready for your next visit. Insurance over $50.00 requires a form where the recipient might be required to sign for the package. And as for delivery confirmation? Do it.

Be sure to notify the buyer of the shipment and forward tracking and confirmation numbers to them. Also if you have left a positive feedback for them, indicate as such on your shipping letter… a subtle hint that the buyer should pick up on.

On the topic of feedback, be a good sport and leave a feedback when the buyer has made payment. Many sellers wait for the buyer to leave a feedback when they are pleased with the transaction, so don't hold back.

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